Rise of the Legends tourney
Hi folks. As we are working on our Kickstarter campaign we decided to check how competitive Animals at War could be. So we are announcing our first tourney. Rise of the Legends The tourney will be held on 20-21 June 2015. The dates and times will depend on the number […]

Rise of the Legends

After the announcement of the Deck builder earlier this week it is time to make the game more interesting. So we are adding two new Event cards today. You can make your Character “Loyal” to you and then he will cost you no food because he honors and respects you. […]

Introducing Loyal and Greedy

DeckBuilder 1
Introducing Deck builder As some of you have noticed – one major feature missing from our prototype was a deck builder. So today we deliver this feature and with this you get more personalized experience and you can now start building on strategies with your favorite cards. The minimum deck […]

Introducing Deck builder

11001529_784981788247471_987287802467875736_o 1
With this first blog post, we would like to answer some questions about Animals at War – Why that game? Why that theme? What are our plans for the game? The game Animals at War is a turn-based card game. At Rebellious Software, we want to create games that make […]

Animals at War – why?